Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Road to Nowhere...

I live on the Road to Nowhere:
The road got its name, I guess, from the fact that it leads out of the city and just kind of peters out a short distance off into the tundra:
My mom had warned me in the past that she thought I was on this road... and now, I guess it's official. But it appeared the situation was even more dire - this past week, I attended at the Iqaluit Post Office to get my new post office box. The fellow behind the counter shuffled through some papers and then glanced up at me and asked "are you superstitious?" "No.." I replied. "Good - because I'm assigning you box 666; I'll go get the key". I considered this as he went into the back room. Geez... my address will be P.O. Box 666, The Road to Nowhere... that can't be good. I must confess to a bit of relief when he returned and advised me that somebody else had taken that number and he assigned me another.

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  1. 666 the road to nowhere... that's definitely the coolest address in earth :D